Flickr rival 500px debuts main feed redesign

500px, the social photographer platform rival to Flickr, has just presented the redesign of the main feed, reaching both the web and mobile applications.

Firstly, the user interface has been modernized in order to make the photos stand out more, that is, they gain more prominence. According to 500px, new main feed now features cleaner, more contemporary design.

But users will not only see new posts from other users they are following better, as they will also The recommendation feature is enhanced, which allows discovering new photographers along with their new jobs.

In this regard, from 500px it has been chosen for a new recommendation system based on machine learning technology to show more content from other photographers, regardless of the number of followers they have.

This will help users to better discover others based on their recent work, and also help empower new platform photographers, who have yet to gain a strong presence within the 500px community.

The recommendations will come in the form of a carousel on mobile devices, and in the form of a grid in the web version, displayed in any case without causing distraction in the main feed when viewing the photographs of those who are followed.

Also, The design of the pages of the photos has been modernized, now appearing in a larger size and with a darkened background.

And finally, NSFW content disappears in main feed on mobile devices, although they will not be available in searches or profiles in Android and iOS applications either. Even so, you will continue to be on the web, as long as you have chosen to display NSFW content in the configuration options.

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