Fonts Ninja updates its extension adding more precision and markup of web fonts

We previously talked about Fonts Ninja, a design tool that will allow graphic designers and web developers to test a sufficient number of fonts, compatible with any design application they have installed on their desktop computers, before finally obtaining (buying) it. suitable typeface for each of your work in development.

In addition to its desktop application (complementary), available for Windows and macOS, for a fee, this tool also has a free extension for Chrome browsers (we assume that also with browsers that have compatibility with Chrome extensions), which will allow the identification of existing fonts on websites.

Now, Fonts Ninja has just released a major update to its Chrome extension, offering some enhancements and new capabilities that will make it easier for designers to find the most appropriate fonts and use them.

As improvements, according to Axel Corjon, founder of the tool, now the extension runs almost twice as fast, also depends on each website, and offers much more accurate information on the fonts found on websites, showing details such as the size, the spacing, among other attributes applied, as well as the real name of the fonts themselves, regardless of how they have been called within the CSS style sheets, and the price at which they can be purchased.

But the main novelty is that, from this version, users will also have the possibility to mark the fonts from the extension itself, having them much more handy when identifying fonts for websites, and can also manage them from the extension itself, that allow adding and removing fonts according to the needs that arise.

It is only a matter of going hunting in the search for fonts.

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