Framer, free app for prototyping apps, now for Windows and Mac

Prototyping an application before programming it or asking a team of professionals to develop it is extremely important in order to define functionalities, information flow and user interface.

There are many platforms that allow the creation of these types of designs, and today I present one that has just been released to Windows and Mac for free.

This is Framer, your new desktop application completely free, with image export, real-time collaboration and smart components.

The objective of this program is to allow the creation of prototypes that we can already do from the browser directly on the desktop, although the number of projects and professionals working on the same file is limited in this free version (you will have to jump to the Pro account to remove limits).

One of the most striking features is Smart Components, with transitions, animations, interactions, visual states and more, without the need for code. They are elements that respond to touches and clicks, interactions and transitions that create user experiences, which helps define how the final version of the app responds.

Buttons with multiple states, scrolling effects, nested scrolling effects … they offer these types of effects without the need for us to have to program, and they show visual states when we interact with them, that’s why they call themselves intelligent.

We can also create variables, so that it is possible to define actions when hovering the mouse and pressing, modifying the value of the variables at any time. Adding variables to components allows you to dynamically change their properties without creating a separate component for each specific state.

You can download Framer from this link.

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