Free books to learn Python

Within the programming languages ​​that exist today, Python has undoubtedly become a reference, always being among the first places in most of the lists.

Therefore, it is not surprising that most people who are inclined to train in the field of systems programming are interested in learning to master this language. For this, the internet has a large number of educational sources that can be accessed for free in most cases. One of them is GitHub where you can find a collection of the best books to learn Python.

Also, an amateur programmer named Paolo Amoroso found a Python post on Reddit where people requested help to find books that could be useful to train in this programming language.

It was there that Amoroso shared links to his collection of digital books on Python, which he accumulated over the years as he trained professionally. This led him to subsequently make the decision to create a list of all the books he had on Python in order to organize them and make them available for free to all those who might have an interest in learning about this programming language.

In this way Free Python Books emerged, a project made up of a list of more than 50 free e-books classified according to level of experience and that can be accessed by anyone. It should be noted that all the material available on this platform is in English, which you can download or read online if you prefer.

In addition to this, there are other educational platforms related to the world of programming where you can find didactic material to learn to program in Python and that you can find in this post or in this other post of recommended books to learn to program systems.

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