Free Community Manager course with official Facebook certificate, in Spanish

Managing an online community is not an easy task. Growing a profile, knowing when and how to post on social networks and how to react to different comments requires technique, experience and knowledge, and that is the reason why there are courses for anyone to work with the subject.

Facebook is one of the greats in this sector, it is the company that owns two of the most important social networks of the moment, Facebok and Instagram, as well as the most popular messaging platform in the West, WhatsApp. That is why it is very important that he is offering a free Community Manager course with a certificate.

Available at this link (click here), it is a course that I already presented at the end of last year, but at that time they were only in English.

Now he has translated the course into Spanish and six other languages, including French, German, Portuguese and others. The course is aimed at brands, NGOs and profiles that need to know the best practices when creating and maintaining an online community.

In the course we will learn to define and create a community, to establish a strategy and to make decisions, to know what are the most common moderation tasks and to measure and analyze the success of the community.

How to get the official Certificate

On this page (click here) we can know the details of the certificate (Facebook can charge for taking the certificate exam, since what is free are only the courses), which is delivered after passing an exam whose duration is about 2 hours.

To obtain the certificate it is necessary to take the free online courses that prepare for the exam. Before doing so, it is also recommended to take a 30-question practice test so that we know better the content of the exam.

A study guide is also available on the same page that explains what is necessary to prepare correctly.

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