FREE JetBrains programming courses, including Python

JetBrains programming courses are known for their quality. It is a platform that has a cost of almost 50 dollars per month, but they have just opened a promotion to be able to do the courses for free.

If we register before July 1, we will have access to all activities and courses until January 1, 2012. They have Java, Python and Kotlin courses.

After this free period ends (until January you can learn a lot), automatically switch to the annual subscription with a 50% discount, but we can always cancel earlier so that does not happen.

You can subscribe at, where they will ask for your information.

Remember: you do not have to pay anything until January 1 of next year, but it is important to cancel before so as not to receive an unwanted charge.

The courses became famous for offering interactive project-based learning combined with powerful professional development tools. They are specialized in Java and Python, although they have also decided to enter the world of Kotlin, which is increasingly in demand on the market.

The content of the JetBrains Academy includes topics and project descriptions, and is currently only available in English, so if you have a complete lack of knowledge of the language, it is best not to go on an adventure.

Within the platform there is talk of Hyperskill, a third-party platform that hosts the JetBrains Academy learning experience. While most of the learning will be available online on the Hyperskill portal at, some parts of the service are only accessible through the JetBrains IDEs.

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