Free Nintendo Switch game to keep fit

Nintendo just introduced a free game for the Switch that can help gamers get in shape.

It is clear that the pandemic and its corresponding quarantine is also affecting the pace of physical activity in half the world, which is why applications such as Sworkit (which we will talk about in the next few days) or games like the new Jump Rope have to be under the radar.

Jump Rope Challenge is not as complete as Ring Fit Adventure, but it encourages activity with the accessories we already have. Just emulate the jump rope experience using the controls. We have to count the jumps on the screen, and it is possible to play between two people.

According to the company, this game was created by a small group of Nintendo developers while working from their home in Japan.

The game also takes into account people with mobility problems, since we can play simply by bending the knees or moving the arms, so as not to make so much noise and to respect more the neighbors below.

The game is free, but Nintendo says it will only last for a limited time, running through the end of September.

It is true that a game is not necessary to jump rope, that a Nintendo Switch is not necessary for something so basic and simple, which does not require instructions, but free projects of this type are always appreciated that can encourage the little ones.

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