Free online courses to learn English

If you are thinking of learning English this summer (or improving it), here we help you with some resources that we have shared during the last months in WWWhatsnew.

We can find courses that cover specific needs, either taking into account a level of knowledge or a work area:

– 5 Aulatutorial courses covering basic, intermediate and advanced levels, in addition to the vocabulary used in commerce and hotels.

– 3 courses that we find in TareasPlus, which will help us develop the knowledge necessary to function in everyday situations.

– 3 Tutellus video courses, which we can take into account if we are thinking of traveling abroad either for pleasure or work.

– 60 videos that we find in Educatina, which can serve as a complement to our learning since we can take specific lessons.

In addition to these courses, we have also tested the different services and created guides comparing their characteristics and evaluating their potential:

– A compilation of the best options for learning English online, with a detailed analysis of the dynamics they propose.

– A comparative table of the most popular services, a uSpeak work that has taken into account different details.

– Comparing Verbling and Colingo to choose the service that best suits our needs and preferences.

– Tips for learning English online helps us to take into account different factors to evaluate if the method we choose adapts to our needs.

Hopefully they help you!

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