Free online university courses that start in December

Already closing the year, December is also pointed out with some proposals in free courses, both at university level and from other educational platforms.

We found interesting options both in Spanish and English. All courses have their respective link to direct us to the platform of origin and inform us of the requirements to register.

In Spanish

Teaching in consultation and in a hospital environment (University of Navarra) How to enhance teaching skills in the care of medical students.

Creative programming with proccesing (Acmica) Although it focuses on Processing, notions and concepts will be analyzed to start programming in any language.

Fundamentals of programming (Acmica) Ideal for those who have a pending subject to develop their first web application, starting from scratch.

Fundamentals of Design (Acmica) A tour of the basic concepts of design to develop a creative and professional vision.

In english


Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps (Illinois) An ideal course for those who want to get started in creating Android applications.

Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies (University of Washington) This course will test the ability to analyze threats and implement security strategies for connoisseurs.

Information Security and Risk Management in Context (University of Washington) Analyzes prevention strategies and different techniques taken from recognized experts in the sector.

Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit (University of Washington) Analyze different alternatives to apply if we are in charge of Information Security Risk Management.

M102: MongoDB for DBAs (MongoDB) This new initiative will discuss how to manage MongoDB in a production environment.

Business and Management / Finance

Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship (University of Maryland) How to seize opportunities by creating a successful business model.

Public Privacy: Cyber ​​Security and Human Rights (Utrecht University) Analyzes international human rights standards regarding privacy in a digital environment and the role of both users and organizations.

Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance (University of Washington) An excellent opportunity for those who wish to have a foundation in their Quantitative Finance studies.

Other proposals

Introduction to Astronomy (Duke) Introduction to Astronomy with analysis of Newton’s legacy and debates on scientific discoveries.

Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World (University of Copenhagen) Analyzes the social and political context of the Muslim world.

The Design of Everyday Things (Udaciy) Based on the new edition of the book with this name, we will take a tour of the different nuances of design and develop a critical vision.

Improving your image: dental photography in practice (University of Birmingham) How to use digital photography in the dental field.

If new online courses emerge during the course of the month, we will comment on them in different articles updating our MOOC category.

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