Free resources from the University of Cambridge to improve your writing in English

If improving your English level is among your purposes for the New Year, it will help you to take these free resources into account.

They are tools provided by the University of Cambridge for students to improve their writing. You will find tips and exercises so that your English writing has a structure and you can communicate clearly and precisely.

Cambridge For You

Writing in English is very challenging, becoming a major headache for every English student. Not only do you have to use the correct words in your essays, but they must convey the message correctly.

To improve this aspect, you can use one of the options that Cambridge offers for you. It is an online tool called Write & Improve, which will help you improve your writing in English. It has a dynamics similar to Grammarly, with the difference that it evaluates your current level and how you progress as you use the tool.

You will see that it has different tasks, which you can choose to do a composition following a series of instructions. Once you write the text and select Check, the tool will show you the feedback mentioning your level of English (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2) and what you should improve to improve your writing.

Of course, you will have the option to specify whether you are at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. To use this tool and track your progress, you just need to create an account using Facebook or an email address.

Quiz your English

This is an app from the University of Cambridge that is available on both iOS and Android, and that aims to help students expand their vocabulary, learn grammar and improve their language skills. And for this, it proposes you to participate in competitions with other users in real time.

You just need to set up a profile and follow the instructions. The dynamics is simple: you have to compete with English learners from different parts of the world. If you answer correctly, you earn a point. And the faster you answer trivia, the more points you earn.

And if you don’t want to compete with strangers, you can invite your friends. It is a simple and practical dynamic to improve your command of writing in English without feeling like you are being tested. And a bonus of using Quiz your English is that its contents are what you will find in the IELTS, FCE and PET studies.

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