French alternative to Dropbox offers 25 free gigabytes and 100 gigabytes for 1 euro per month

The French company OVH has updated the prices and services offered for your product HubiC (, an application that, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and others, allows you to save files on the Internet and synchronize the material between different devices.

They comment on Techcrunch that the company, still outside the clutches of the NSA, offers 25 gigs for free, 100 gigs for one euro a month and 10 teas for 10 euros a month, extremely attractive prices for those who are still looking for a storage solution in the cloud.

They do not use Amazon, they have their own infrastructure, created during its two years of life, with much lower operational costs than the competition, which is why it can be a good protagonist in this category.

Other options, such as RealPlayer Cloud, They also bet on a cloud storage model, in this case specialized in videos that can be run from any platform (even from Chromecast), a solution that many are using to play videos of all kinds on the big screen. RealPlayer Cloud offers 2 free gigabytes, plus one gigabyte for each friend who registers with your personal link (here you have mine).

Bitcasa It also wanted to compete with the giant Dropbox initially offering unlimited space for $ 9.99 a month, but they changed their model a few months ago (the unlimited plan now costs $ 99 a month, although all 10 tracks are cheaper than on HubiC).

What is clear is that the podium It is shared by a few alternatives, but we cannot deny that there are very attractive projects of this type that gradually stand out in the category (remember the Chinese alternatives that we have already discussed a few months ago).

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