From Google comes Tangi, a mix between Pinterest and TikTok

One of the projects that were born as experiments within the ranks of Google has a great resemblance to Pinterest, and is already available in its android store.

His name is Tangi, from Google’s Area 120 division, an incubator for experimental products.

The name comes from joining TeAch aNd GIve (teach and give) and tangible. Similar to Pinterest, Tangi focuses on creative and lifestyle content such as crafts, cooking, and fashion. Unlike Pinterest, Tangi uses short videos (1 minute or less) instead of images, so it also has a Tik Tok ingredient in its guts.

Users can add comments and view the full description of the video at any time.

Available on the website (not for all passes), as well as for iPhone and android, there is already content from selected creators to create good material before launch.

At the moment it is not possible to publish anything, only to consume what others publish, but it will be a matter of time. Here I explain how the app works:

Google isn’t very lucky with social media, but that doesn’t mean it won’t keep trying. Orkut, Google Plus… it is true that with YouTube the hare jumped, but many others have managed to overtake it in a sector that is the protagonist today.

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