Frost, the text editor for writers, poets and journalists

Here we have an editor of those that we dream of when we want to write without distractions.

Clean, easy to use, no need to create accounts, without tiring your eyes … FrostWriter has achieved a good space in its sector, and now presents a new version to solidify that position achieved.

I was born in 2019 to provide the perfect writing experience, a promising minimalist ethic, and a completely distraction-free environment.

In version 3.0, they now have all the features that users requested: automatic saving, ability to skip music, a word counter, some new themes and the first dynamic theme that allows us to write in a cozy atmosphere with natural ambient sounds. like the fireplace, the clouds rumbling, the people chatting, the clock ticking, etc.

The new themes, Cosmos and Vintage, include a collection of classical and orchestral music that includes instruments such as piano, violin, organ, etc.

In the upper right button we have the option to switch to night mode, and when we scroll down we see the option to export the result in TXT mode, as well as to see the number of words written or the pagination.

To choose the desired theme, we only have to navigate between them from the main page, with the lateral scroll. Then we will click on the word WRITE of the topic that is the most appropriate to the moment in which we meet.

Personally, I do not like to write with image backgrounds, and for relaxing sounds we already have those that we collect in the articles Sites with relaxing sounds, but it is good to know that there is a platform that offers everything integrated.


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