Fruity Maps, to consult Apple maps from the browser

We have already spoken to you before about the Apple maps that the apple company presented a few years ago. Since its launch, Apple has put all its efforts into expanding the possibilities of map platforms, including some interesting features that we have already spoken about on previous occasions.

Despite this, at least for the moment it is not possible to consult the company's maps through the browser (we can only do it through the applications for OS X, iOS and watchOS). For this reason, today we are talking about Fruity Maps, a simple web page that allows us to navigate Apple maps from any browser.

As explained by the creator of the web, Fruity Maps is a proof of concept conducted using the Apple Maps public API discovered in recent days (not yet officially announced by Apple). As for the operation of the site, it is very simple: we can indicate our location, control the zoom or choose between three different modes (satellite, hybrid or standard), but soon we will include new functions.

If it has caught your attention, you can access the Fruity Maps website through the following link to the official website of the project.

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