Fun Apart, an application to play and enjoy remotely with friends

Countless the number of applications that have increased in use and success since the confinement stage began worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. Messaging apps, video calls and some others of different categories are a clear example of this, as are games to share with friends through video calls.

Therefore, today we will be talking about Fun Apart, an interesting alternative that will allow you play various video games together with all your friends through group video call interaction. This is how it works.

From a general point of view, Fun Apart is created and designed to provide fun between classic board games and video calls, thus achieving a close-knit environment. as if all the players were together in the same room, which comes a lot in these moments of confinement.

To do this, all you have to do is activate the video conferencing option to enjoy the reactions of the people you are playing with live and direct.

When you have downloaded the app and accept the permissions that will be required to access the game rooms (mainly camera and microphone), you will be able to create your own private game and invite up to 4 friends maximum, through an 8-digit code generated by the same app that will be what you will have to send to your colleagues to enter the room.

As for the games as such, we come across various classic titles that can be played totally free, NUO being the most prominent of all (a game practically equal to UNO). This is an interesting detail, since ONE has been as the main game of Fun Apart. However, more titles will be presented later.

After trying it for a couple of games, the truth is that the game is the most entertaining, although you will have to follow the rules of the game and leave behind the typical UNO rules that usually cause controversy. Then we will leave you the free download link for iOS and Android.

Fun Apart: for iOSFun Apart: for Android

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