Futurology: Messenger and WhatsApp will join, and the US will ban TikTok

There are no solid rumors without a great truth behind, and that is the case of the two topics (not officially confirmed) of the day, one related to WhatsApp and the other to TikTok.

On the one hand we have WABetaInfo with a report that indicates that a clue was found in the code that points to the integration of Facebook Messenger with WhatsApp, something that makes sense if we remember the survey that many people are seeing in their accounts.

Apparently Facebook allow communication between two of your popular online chat apps: Facebook Messenger will be able to communicate with WhatsApp once Facebook decides to implement this feature.

The issue is how to do it without compromising data encryption and user security, but surely some solution will be found. What does not make sense is that they have two chat platforms competing with each other.

In the code you can see that some tables are being created in a local database to manage messages and services with other WhatsApp users. Code references suggest that Facebook can tell if a WhatsApp contact is blocked, it can recognize push notification sounds and even some chat details.

The other affected by the radio rumor is Tik Tokwho is suffering blockades in various parts of the world due to its huge privacy issues. After being banned in India and exiting Hong Kong, it now appears to be the United States, the platform’s second largest market.

The Donald Trump administration is considering remove access for US users to said application, since they believe that it may be an infiltrated Chinese agent (they suspect that it is a means for the Chinese government to spy, monitor and distribute advertising among citizens).

It was the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who announced the blockade on the Fox News program The Ingraham Angle, but it has not yet been an official statement.

Another country that is considering doing so is Australia.

Without India, which was its best market, and without the United States, the second in line (with more than 40 million users on its platform), Tik Tok would face many problems, since it could also have a significant cascade effect.

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