Gabcast – become the star of your own interactive tv shows

Until now, the online video streaming services that we know, such as Mogulus or, have been mainly focused on the broadcasting of all kinds of events, or at least, that is the use they have generally received, which changes. in the case of And it is that’s approach is not focused on broadcasting events via video streaming, but rather on turn users into protagonists of their own tv shows, being able to interact with their followers and guests. Users can choose the program format in which they wish to participate, either as protagonists or as speakers, so that programs can be created where a number of users can participate at the same time, such as interviews or debates. These programs will be assigned a channel where they will be accessible, and the creators will establish the broadcast date and invite contacts to follow these broadcasts. The maximum duration that can be done per program is up to 70 minutes. It also has contests where users can participate with their videos. In alpha phase, supported by some important Hollywood actors to find their place in the video streaming services market, and with a design inspired by the intro of the series The Simpsons, is an interesting completely free proposal to have consider. Goes: Mashable

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