Gameapart, games designed for Zoom, Google Meet and others

If you are at home too long and want to play something with friends and family, you better start browsing the different online gaming platforms for video conferencing solutions.

Generally they always have the same operation: the game is shown on a shared screen while the participants select options and participate in the activities.

Today we have been presented with a somewhat different, more sophisticated option. This is Gameapart, a games area created for various online videoconferencing platforms, such as Google Meet, Zoom, Slack or Microsoft Teams, among others.

The platform allows you to play party games with family, friends and colleagues through any video conferencing tool in a system to bring people together. They are games based on other popular ones, such as Cards Against Humanity, Heads Up, Taboo, Crazy Eights and more.

They are collaborating with independent manufacturers such as Done with 2020, Charty Party and Neddy Games to add their versions online.

The operation is simple:

1 – To begin, a host gathers their remote team through any video conferencing application and selects a game from 2 – All players download the mobile application on their smartphone and connect to the host’s game. The application is used to play games, and the connection is made by capturing a QR code.

Once everyone is connected, they can begin to interact.

The games are all in English, and they plan to keep adding new options every month.

Regarding the business model, they have the option to pay for not seeing ads, the rest is all free.

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