Games for PS5 that support 120 FPS

The PS5 turns out to be a gateway for many things that come to the world of technology and video games, such as the games that support 120 FPS (frames per second).

This is a novelty that comes hand in hand with the console and is a really good thing, since it allows developers have the option to aim for 120 FPS, leaving the games more complete than in previous versions.

Are you aware of all the news on the PS5 and want to know all the confirmed games that have at least a 120 FPS option? You have come to the right place, and that is below we will be presenting a complete list, in which we can see quite varied video games. But first of all, the question also arises as to why and why should I want games to be at 120 FPS?

Well, really the frames per second are what indicate the frequency at which a device displays images called so, frames or frames. Simply put, the more frames the input latency is reduced, letting the character and the world around him react faster, so basically it will look sharper, faster and more natural than games run at lower frame rates.

Already leaving this well clarified, we can continue without any problem to the one who is the main dish of this dinner, video games that support 120 FPS.

– Rainbow Six Siege / 4K dynamic.– Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom / 4K.– Destiny 2 / 1440p dynamic.– Fortnite / 1440p.– Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War / 1200p.– Borderlands 3 / 1080p.– Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition / 1080p.– Nioh / 1080p.– Nioh 2 / 1080p.– Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 / 1080p.– WRC 9 / 1080p.

Here is the complete list of these great titles for the PS5 that will surely be more than relevant in terms of the emergence of this topic on the Sony console, which to date is still a bit scarce, although the situation is expected to improve in the coming days.

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