Garmin confirms to be the victim of a cyber attack by ransomware

Garming device users have been affected since last Thursday due to the cyberattack suffered in the company’s infrastructures that support its online services, caused by the ransomware WastedLocker, as confirmed by the BleepingComputer publication.

At first it was thought that it was a fall of the services, in which the company has been alluding to a simple maintenance operation, as it has been announcing on its social networks.

But nothing could be further from the truth, since in the end it was a cyber attack by ransomware, as the rumors that have been appearing these days have been pointing out, in which it has been unofficially known that the attack has consisted of encrypting the data of some of the company’s systems, demanding payment from Garmin of 10 million dollars for the decryption of the same, information that the company has not confirmed.

Garmin tries to recover little by little until trying to restore normality in all its services over the next few days, where in fact, some of the applications are starting to work again, as is the case with Connect.

As they have just announced, they not only confirm now that they have been the victims of an external attack, but also, in their investigations they have found no indications that user data has been affected, including Garmin Pay payment information.

They suggest that during the attack, many of their services, including functions of their website, customer support, customer applications and company communications, have been affected, but not the functions built into Garmin products. , except for the ability to access online services.

For now, the affected systems are gradually returning to normality, although the company recognizes the possibility of delays in synchronizing data from the devices with the affected services.

In addition, they point out that the interruption generated by the attack will not have an impact on their operations or financial results, where in fact, the return of the affected services is being reflected in the recovery of their market value to that existing before the attack.

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