Garry Kasparov prepares the launch of his social platform focused on chess

There is no doubt that the Netflix television series Queen’s Gambit has managed to arouse interest in the world of chess in many more people, to the point of exhausting the stock of chess boards from some manufacturers, and there is a list Standby.

This successful television series has had the contributions of Garry Kasparov, a well-known chess player, who retired in 2005, dedicating himself since then to promoting this discipline among the youngest.

Boosting chess now with your own social platform

So, with the experience gained also with the classes offered as a guest on the MasterClass educational platform, after some years of development, Garry Kasparov is now finalizing the launch of his social platform Kasparovchess, specialized in everything related to the world of music. Chess.

Behind Kasparovchess are a number of private investors and the media conglomerate Vivendi, having been developed to offer a series of educational content, between documentaries, podcasts, interviews, articles, analysis of techniques and more, dedicated to the world of chess, also counting on its own server within the Discord platform, having a clearly community vocation, to the point that it can serve as a platform for discovering new wonders that, otherwise, could not have the necessary visibility.

Behind the contents you will find Kasparov himself along with other relevant personalities in the world of chess, where part of the content, including the more than 50,000 puzzles for the training of certain skills, as well as reports and expert analysis, will be exclusively available to subscribers of the platform, Subscription will cost $ 13.99 per month or $ 119.99 per year.

Kasparovchess will have to face, an Internet veteran who, in addition to being available since 2005 offering its own server, forum and social network, also has a much more affordable subscription, ranging between 5 dollars a month and $ 29 a year.

Kasparovchess is expected to open its doors publicly by the end of this month. Those interested can already pre-register, providing their email addresses, and can also join the server they have in Discord.

For Garry Kasparov:

It is time to really change from what we are teaching to how students can apply it (…) And that helps us indirectly because chess has been recognized for centuries as a nexus for intelligence and creativity.

On the success of the Netflix series Gamito de Dama, he points out that:

I was very happy because it was the first time that we could see chess as a positive factor (…) We had so many years with chess seen as a potential destruction and something that could push children into the dark area of ​​psychological instability.

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