General failure on Samsung Blu-ray players

There are many people who continue to use Blu-ray players, and not only to watch the movies that were bought before the streaming fever, but also because those players can give access to platforms like Netflix, something necessary for those who do not have a Smart TV.

The fact is that many of these devices no longer have a warranty, others have been discontinued for a long time, and the official support is practically non-existent.

Now it has been the Samsung players that are scaring thousands of consumers: they have stopped working in various parts of the world due to an update that causes them to constantly restart every few seconds after being turned on.

Many of those users are telling it on Twitter, as in this thread, where they indicate that Samsung has contacted them indicating that it is a massive failure, and that the engineering area is working on the issue.

Even a manual firmware update does not solve the problem, so it seems that it is due to an error in a remote service that these devices access, since otherwise the update or rollback in the player’s firmware should work without problems.

According to Samsung, they are taking note of the users who report it, so if it happens to you, contact the company and cross your fingers so that they can solve it.

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