Genetic superheroes who are capable of fighting their destiny

Genetic superheroes who are capable of fighting their destiny

Certain individuals may have hidden their DNA superhero genes, which offer protection against what was originally considered a safe disease.

The genetic It is a key element when determining numerous factors in a person’s life. Along with genes, the environment plays a definitely fundamental role in the development of their own characters that are already conditioned by genetics and the possibility of suffering from certain diseases. However, there are some genetic disorders able to describe our destiny, which makes us what we are, regardless of the influence of environmental factors.

It’s about the so-called Mendelian disorders, and include diseases such as sickle cell anemia, Tay-Sachs disease, and cystic fibrosis. A single gene mutation is sufficient for these conditions to exist; to be intended for the development of these diseases. At least, that’s created so far.

A comprehensive genomic analysis

In a study recently published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, an experiment is described in which Eric Schadt (professor in the Icahn School of Medicinefrom New York), along with colleagues and friends Stephen and Rong Chenque, scanned the genomes of almost 600,000 people, of whom only 13 individuals presented gene variants that protect them against disease Traditionally associated with it, according to the study’s authors, the millions of years of evolution have produced many more protection mechanisms of what we currently understand, creating authentic genetic superheroes among us.

Despite the finding, they were recognized several limitations about the study. For example, the mutation of the cystic fibrosis it is so unlikely in healthy people that the results of the study could have originated from a technical error. In addition, some of the analyzed patients could have suffered the Pfeiffer syndrome undetected, due to the mildness of its symptoms in certain cases.

Where do the genetic superheroes hide?

However, in light of the interesting results obtained, the researchers have decided to launch the search for more people who possess these peculiar superhero genes, a goal that requires the genetic analysis of thousands of peopleFurthermore, the search for these genetic superheroes will depend on numerous parameters such as the willingness of participants to donate their genetic and clinical data, as well as the commitment of researchers and regulators to overcome the obstacles to data exchange worldwide.

The discovery has opened a new approach to find treatments for cystic fibrosis and other rare and incurable diseases linked to specific variations in a single gene, which is why more detailed research will be carried out in the future to achieve this goal, despite the added difficulty for obtaining reliable data.

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