GigaDrive, an external SSD 18 times more powerful than a conventional one

The discs SSD They are currently the main alternative to classic magnetic hard drives, thanks to the greater resistance and superior performance they generally offer.

As a first taste of the storage drives that we will see more frequently in the future, GigaDrive arrived, self-proclaimed as the world’s fastest external SSD.

18 times faster than an SSD

With this surprising statistic this novel external SSD disk is presented, presented in a crowdfunding campaign, through IndieGoGo.

The reception was clearly positive, since one month after the closing of the financing program, the project already has a collection of more than 2000% of its goal.

GigaDrive uses Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 technologies for data exchange. These solutions, which we will see more often in the near future, allow GigaDrive to achieve stable read and write speeds of up to 2,800 MB / s on computers that support any of these technologies. These units do not require additional software or use clouds as intermediaries.

In addition, the devices are resistant to water, dust and shocks. This protection allows the blade to be used smoothly in extreme or unusual conditions, such as exposure to water, dust, or heavy falls.

Gigadrive also features overheating protection, thus solving a common problem in storage drives when handling large volumes of data. The fundamental role in this task is played by the device’s aluminum casing, which, along with giving an elegant and futuristic identity to its design, acts as a heatsink. In this way, in addition to preserving the state of the disk and the data it contains, its performance is stable.

GigaDrive was presented in three capacity variants; 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. All models feature a DRAM cache chip, which processes transfers so files can be copied simultaneously and efficiently.

Outside of acting as a personal file vault, like most other storage alternatives we can access, GigaDrive can, thanks to its power, be useful for more advanced work.

On the one hand, for audiovisual work this album can be a good ally. Thanks to its high transfer speeds, you can store 8K RAW images directly from some cameras, such as the Blackmagic series. It can also be used as a backup unit, to avoid constantly changing memory cards.

In other cases, for entertainment, the presence of GigaDrive can also be a contribution. It is possible to affirm this considering that there are games that in their computer versions already exceed 200 GB and that higher resolution video formats, in addition to weighing more, require a higher transfer speed to play them fluently.

This particular disc weighs only 74 grams and measures 114 x 37 x 12.5 mm. Its use is oriented to Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms.

The aforementioned financing campaign through crowdfunding, through which this initiative was announced in March, has been a complete success. There is still a month left until the original term ends and the expected amount was far exceeded.

During May the first tests with these discs will be developed, for later, in June, they will begin their mass production.

You can find more information about GigaDrive on their campaign site at IndieGoGo.

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