Gmail for Android already has Google Meet for video calls

Google is starting the rollout of Google Meet in the Gmail app on Android.

After Meet was rolled out to the web version of Gmail, the Google team announced that this dynamic will also reach mobile applications. First, it reached iOS users, and now it starts on Android.

So those users who use Google Meet to connect with their friends or for work video calls can already do so from their mobile just by opening Gmail. As seen in the image, Gmail adds a dedicated tab for Google Meet, so you don’t have to fiddle with too many options.

The dynamics is very simple, and follows the same process that we already know from popular video conferencing applications. You can start a meeting from scratch and invite your contacts, or you can join a meeting that has invited you using code.

And if the meeting is already scheduled in your Google calendar, then you can join directly from the event link. And of course, once the meeting has started, you will have all the functions of Google Meet to manage some of the video conference options.

While the Google Meet tab will be deployed by default with the new Gmail update, you can remove it. If you don’t plan on using Google Meet and want to avoid accidental touches, you have the option to disable it from the tab under Gmail Settings.

That way, you will have the Gmail interface as usual, just for emails. The rollout of the Google Meet integration starts today, but it takes some time to reach all Android users.

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