Gmail for android is now compatible with Microsoft Exchange

The Microsoft Exchange client has long since been replaced by Outlook, but there are still many companies that use Exchange to manage employee emails.

The problem with having such an email platform is that there are few mobile clients compatible with it, and they do not usually integrate with the most popular ones (except Microsoft's, of course), and that is something that Google has been working.

They have now announced that Gmail for android is already compatible with Microsoft Exchange, not only on Nexus devices (as until now), and on all of them. This means that if released by the company IT department, employees will be able to use Gmail on their mobile phones to check, send and archive work emails, without having to close and open different applications.

The update of this version of gmail will be done little by little, but some users already indicate that they can see it on Google Play.

Having a single email client capable of managing the accounts of all providers is increasingly important, almost as much as having a universal messaging platform, although the changes made in each system end up affecting this type of solution.

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