Gmail tests brand verification to prevent phishing attacks

Google has launched a series of security measures for some of its main services, such as Meet, Chat and Gmail.

And one of these novelties is designed to stop phishing attacks on email. To do this, Google plans to use the dynamics proposed by BIMI so that users can easily identify when an email is legitimate.

This process is done through brand indicators, which work in a similar way to verified accounts on social media.

Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI is an email pop-up specification that enables the use of brand-controlled logos within support email clients

Using the BIMI identification system, companies can verify an email address and validate its authenticity. Of course, this requires companies to go through different processes and verifications, as mentioned in details on the BIMI page.

Once they carry out this process and pass all the additional checks established by Google, Gmail will begin to display the verified company logo in the email avatar, as you see in the image above. This will determine that a brand or organization has been verified.

At the moment, Google plans to launch a pilot test of this system in the coming weeks. And of course, extend this dynamic in the near future to all. On the other hand, they also announced news for Chat and Meet.

For example, more controls are added for video calls on Google Meet. Google plans to give users more options to control who can participate in their virtual meetings. And as for Chat, new security measures are being implemented to detect phishing attacks or malicious activity by checking in real time the links that are shared in the conversations.

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