Gnome takes a qualitative leap in its big update, resembling more of macOS

Gnome is one of the best-known desktop environments under GNU / Linux, operating under a totally different concept with respect to KDE, which is closer to the Windows window system (there are other environments that are even closer) and other existing desktop environments for GNU / Linux, Unix and derivatives.

Now, Gnome is in the news for launching an outstanding update, the first in 2021, after almost six months of development, with a total of 24,571 from 822 collaborators, seeking to make this version more useful and intuitive for users.

Looking to be more functional and intuitive

So much so that it even becomes more like macOS since, in addition to changing the way the versions are listed, taking into account that the previous version was Gnome 3.40, it now offers a different aspect to the activities view, with the dash (dock) located below the screen in a centered way, allowing navigation between the different work areas horizontally, instead of vertically, as before.

In Gnome they try to facilitate navigation through the system and access to applications. In addition, applications are accessed vertically, as in other systems, also offering an even more customizable application grid layout.

As we can see, this version is committed to behaviors that users tend to be more familiar with. Returning to the dash, now it also allows you to separate your favorite applications from those that you don’t.

On the other hand, the thumbnails of the windows have also received their share of improvement, even offering the icon of the application they contain, the windows already have rounded corners, and with the improvement of the multiscreen support, it is now also possible see the area selector on all screens when the display of work areas is activated on all of them.

Obviously, users will be able to access the application grid and move around the work areas, both with the mouse with the touchpad, and even through different keyboard commands.

This version also offers improvement in some of its most prominent applications, where for example now the Meteorology application has a new design on which it shows more information through its two different views.

New designs are also coming to the Nautilus file browser, now called Files, where it also has a series of improvements, to the Epiphany web browser, which now has a tab system, and even the software center is now more functional with its new features. .

Those interested can already try Gnome 40 through the Fedora 34 beta, among other options, to which new distributions will be added so that, after a while, the favorite distro that you have also has the corresponding update.

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