Gocycle Introduces New 2020 Quick Fold GX

If you are looking for an urban electric bicycle, surely you have already navigated a long time between our category (you can see it in the top menu of, and among them there are some interesting models of the Gocycle brand.

This brand today announced major updates to its award-winning fast-fold GX model in 2020.

The 2020 model achieves better integration by allowing only a fine cable to be exposed. Internally, adjustments have been made to the wiring to make folding and removing the battery even easier on Gocycle’s most popular model.

There are also dynamic improvements, as the 2020 GX inherits the front fork of the brand’s top-of-the-range models: GXi and the flagship G3Carbon. The new fork allows a more attractive ride and improves user comfort.

All of these improvements combine to reduce the overall weight of 300g on the 2020 GX compared to the previous 2019 model. It can be folded into a compact package in just 10 seconds if not in use (it turns on its own wheels once closed ).

Richard Thorpe, designer and founder of Gocycle, tells us:

The quick-fold GX has been a phenomenon since its launch last year, serving the commuting needs of smart urban workers around the world. But our inescapable mission to create the best urban electric bikes on the planet continues. We are constantly working on the implementation of adjustments that mean an improvement, large or small. This year we have relied primarily on feedback from our customers. The 2020 GX is a truly compelling proposition thanks to its fast folding and cutting-edge levels of ride and comfort that make it the most versatile city bike on the market today.

We are not talking about a cheap model, it has a cost of 3199 euros, but those numbers are increasingly common in this sector.

Gocycle’s Quick Fold GX hit the market in March 2019 and quickly became the company’s best-selling Gocycle.

The GX 2020 quick-fold front frame has been developed specifically for the GX using hydroformed aluminum technology that conforms to Cleandrive and PitstopWheels’ proven and patented magnesium metal injection molded system.

All Gocycles are equipped with an electronic traction control that increases user safety by improving stability and grip on slippery surfaces. When the Gocycle detects and calculates that the front wheel is losing traction, it reduces engine power to regain traction and control, so the user gains stability.

The Gocycle 2020 GX is available for sale now at

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