Gomi Speaker, a speaker built entirely from recycled material

A curious sustainable initiative arose thanks to a funding campaign through Kickstarter. It is a portable speaker built entirely from waste materials.

This speaker uses plastic from discarded bags as its base material and its power source is made up entirely of reused and reconditioned batteries from damaged e-bikes.

Portable and environmentally friendly sound

The environmentally friendly device was dubbed as Gomi Speaker. The proposal was presented to the public pointing to this device as a device capable of providing great audio quality.

Its 25W speaker outputs sound through a mono channel. Additionally, to obtain an enriched experience with a stereo sound, it is possible to pair two Gomi Speakers, in order to obtain a more powerful and enveloping sound, with a sufficient range to cover a room or a small outdoor event with audio.

Like many of the portable speaker alternatives on the market, this device can also be paired with a phone, laptop or tablet to play music or other audio broadcast wirelessly, via a Bluetooth signal with a range 10M range.

At the support level, the manufacturer offers a repair service indefinitely, to ensure that these speakers do not need to be unnecessarily thrown away again, to become another waste.

The main components of this device are a high-end custom neodymium driver, an oversized bass radiator, a 1-liter capacity plastic watertight chamber, a Bluetooth 5.0 controller with a 10-meter range, and a power port. auxiliary input, to use wired sound sources.

The speaker has a fast charging system through a USB-C terminal that works at up to 15W, guaranteeing a full charge of your battery in just 2 hours. Its autonomy of energy extends for more than 20 hours of duration, thanks to its 2.85Ah and 16.8V battery.

Despite having recycled batteries, the Gomi Speakers only have copies that have a 99% or more capacity, in order to guarantee an adequate useful life for them.

These speakers are offered in four color variants: Black & White, Ocean Blue, Lime Green, and Birthday Pastel.

This initiative was developed by Gomi, an English design and technology company dedicated to the development of proposals focused on generating a positive impact at the environmental level, through sustainable products that give a new life cycle to its raw materials. Gomi Speaker is the most recent initiative, but previously, they also developed a portable charger for mobiles and a similar one, but wireless.

Although the initial financing campaign has already ended, on Kickstarter you can still request the units that are still available for this game, with prices starting from 129 pounds sterling, approximately 149 euros.

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