Goodbye to the time change: the European Commission proposes to delete it

Goodbye to the time change: the European Commission proposes to delete it

The time change has more and more detractors: not only does it have few benefits (what is saved in electricity is minimal, about 6 euros per home per year), but it also brings many problems; especially medical problems, because the fact of changing the schedule twice a year causes profound psychological changes.

For this reason, and to find out what the opinion of the European population was, the EU carried out an online and non-binding consultation. Now we have the results, and 80% of the people who voted did so against the time change. That is, they do not want the schedule to be changed twice a year. Because of that, the European Commission will propose to the countries to cancel the time change, once and for all.

The European Commission proposes to abolish the time change

People want it done, so we will do it, Jean-Claude Juncker has stated, as we see in El Espaol. But patience, well the measure will have to be approved by the European Parliament as well as by the Heads of State and Government of the respective passes that form the commonwealth. But, equally, it is cause for celebration.

However, this will most likely end up happening; that is, the next time change could be the last one, finally. In the online consultation, 4.6 million people participated (two thirds of these people are German). Never before has an online EU consultation produced so much interest; in fact, there has been so much avalanche of people who have wanted to respond that the system was down for several days, as we have in the original note.

What will be the schedule that will remain? This in itself is another controversy, since there are many people who prefer daylight saving time rather than winter time, but everything points to the fact that winter time will be left as standard and the change of time to summer time will be suppressed.

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