Google acquires FameBit, to help YouTube creators connect with brands

The Google team announced a new acquisition, which seeks to enhance the relationship of YouTube creators with brands: FameBit.

FameBit. is a platform that makes it easier for brands to connect with influencers from different social platforms, including YouTube. In other words, it is the link between creators and brands, providing technology that guides them throughout the process, according to the needs and marketing strategy of the brands.

As they comment on their blog, the integration of technology and FameBit will enhance the dynamics in which they have been working on YouTube to give creators and brands more opportunities to connect with the right influencer.

Still, creators will still have the last word when deciding on the brands they want to work with or the type of sponsorship, paid product sites, etc.

As for FameBit, as they share in their statement, they will continue working until now, independently, following through on their commitment from their new place with Google.

So it only remains to wait for the news that this integration can bring so that the creators can access new sources of income.

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