Google adds 3D insects with augmented reality in searches

Google is expanding its virtual zoo in search results by adding a collection of insects.

Now you can find fireflies, beetles, grasshoppers, among other 20 new members who join the 3D animals with augmented reality that you will see in the search engine.

In a previous article we mentioned all the animals available in Google to see in 3D and with Augmented Reality. And now a collection of 23 very cute insects are added to examine closely in the living room of our house, as mentioned in The Verge.

Some are already available in Spanish such as hercules beetle, atlas beetle, ladybird, firefly, atlas butterfly, grasshopper, dragonfly, hornet, mantis. And the rest you will have to look for in English, for example, the different species of cicadas: evening cicada, walkers cicada, brown cicada, periodical cicadas, robust cicada.

Other insects that you will find in this new collection: morpho, swallowtail butterfly, Rosalia batesi, Jewel beetle, rhinoceros beetle, stag beetle, giant stag, Shining ball scarab beetle, Miyama stag beetle. Remember that to see these animals in 3D in augmented reality you need a device compatible with ARCore technology, as we explained in detail in a previous article.

The process is very simple: just search for one of these insects by name on Google and you will see the option to View in 3D. Once you open this option, Google will allow you to choose View in your space to see the insect moving around your house while you listen to its buzzing.

You only need to go through a small configuration and you can see it in real size or apply zoom and move it through different places. And an interesting detail is that you can record it using the camera option that Google provides in the same interface.

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