Google adds controls to automatically delete location history

Google added new options for users to decide how to delete location history.

These new controls are already in iOS and Android allowing you to configure that the history is automatically deleted every 3 or 18 months. These options are found in our Google account in the Activity controls section of your account >> Manage activity >> Location history

You will see an option that will allow you to change the Adjustment and direct you to a dynamic similar to that seen in the image:

Google will take you through several pages until you confirm that you are sure you want to apply certain settings. One detail to keep in mind is that the option you implement begins to be implemented on the spot.

So if you choose that you want to save your data only for 3 months, all the activity that already has that period of activity will be eliminated at the moment. If you do not use any of these options then you will have the default configuration that saves the history until you delete it manually.

On the other hand, remember that you also have the option to completely disable all types of storage of your data and activity in the different Google services. To do this, you have to choose Pause the function depending on the activity or data you choose. For example, web activity, location history, YouTube search, etc.

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