Google adds feature of recommendation of movies and series in its search engine

There are many options that allow us to obtain series and movie recommendations based on what we have already seen. From the streaming platforms themselves to apps like imdb, we can constantly find new titles.

Several weeks ago we talked to you about various options in this regard, and now it is Google itself who wants to play this game.

They report on their blog that they have been working on a feature to make it easy to get recommendations directly from the Google search engine.

From now on, when we make inquiries of the type what is there to see or action movies, we will be able to obtain suggestions for titles on different platforms, and in this first phase it will already be available in Latin America.

When viewing the suggested titles, we will have direct links to the applications of our mobile, so that it will be possible to either view it directly, or buy or rent it, depending on the option available.

We can select the services to which we are subscribed to obtain personalized recommendations, and enter it to see the available content.

Google will also have a function to create a list with the titles we want, so that we can save the suggestions to see them later. We will only have to click on the List to see link, and we will have everything saved there.

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