Google adds improvements and news in AdWords

Mobile advertising is a booming sector where Google is the leading company in this segment, currently having more than half of its market. Closely followed by Facebook and Twitter, which have also opted for this sector, forcing Google not to rest on its laurels and continue to improve performance. And in compliance with this, they have just carried out the update of AdWords by introducing improvements and new features, as indicated by VentureBeat based on an advance they obtained on Monday night.

Among the new features is automated billing, higher volume of actions, advanced reporting protocols, and many others, being totally liked by Jerry Dischler, Google vice president for AdWords product management, who points out through a post Ads are now more effective when they connect people to the information, content, and places they care about most, at the times they are searching.

These improvements have been presented by Jerry Dischler at the AdWords Performance Forum, where Google made it clear that those smaller companies that want to expand their digital marketing footprint are as crucial as the larger ones with massive advertising budgets.

Those users who have wanted to know first-hand the news, have been able to follow it through the live broadcast they have offered in different ways, this event having been announced almost in the middle of last March.

Google is confident that companies can reach people who can become probable customers based on the applications they use, the frequency of use and the type of purchases they make in the applications through the use of the AdMob network, and also, They point out that the feedback on the estimated total conversions has been great, so they are continuously investing in this product. In addition, they take into account that people look for more information through the Internet about local companies, to enable them later to go to them in person to make their purchases, so in this sense, they are testing ways to measure the effectiveness of advertisements for searches leading to store sales, making use of anonymous purchasing data from retail partners.

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