Google adwords prepares a system of experiments and campaign drafts

Making changes to our adwords campaigns can give more than a scare. Google knows this, and now it has announced that for the next few weeks we will have a system of experiments and campaign drafts available so that we can test changes to the campaigns before making them effective, helping to measure the results before we start paying for them. .

Drafts, on the one hand, will allow us to prepare and verify the effect of certain changes, such as the rise of mobile bids in ad groups with a high percentage of mobile conversions, for example. We can define various bid adjustments in that group and, if we like the changes in the draft, apply them in the original campaign.

The experiments, on the other hand, allow testing changes in the campaigns within a controlled environment. Once the draft is created, we can create an experiment from it, testing the changes and comparing the results with our current bid strategy. At all times we can divide the traffic and the budget between the experimental and the original campaign, always with the option of defining the time that this experiment will last.

Here is the video showing how drafts and experiments are performed:

You can read more about these new functions in this article on Google adwords, as well as on this support page, in Spanish.

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