Google already allows playing on Stadia with mobile data

Google continues to enhance its video game streaming platform with new options to play in different contexts.

Following this line, Google experimentally launched a function that allows you to do without WiFi for a gaming session. Yes, users can play anywhere using mobile data. And of course, due to the demands of Stadia this will only be possible with 4G and 5G networks.

To test this new option, users only need to activate it, either from the Experiments section of the app (activating the Use mobile data function), or from the main page when they want to play without WiFi.

Keep in mind that having the option activated by default could cause it to collect data every time it does not detect a WiFi connection, so ideally it would be to activate it only when necessary. All you have to do is disconnect the WiFi for the app to present you with the option to play with mobile data.

Either way, the app will warn you that your mobile data could grow up to 2.7 GB per hour. An interesting option for those fans of the games that have an unlimited fee. If you still don’t see this feature available in your Stadia account, don’t worry, as these types of options are gradually being implemented.

Remember that playing with mobile data is not the only experimental function that is in effect. Last month, Google released the Play feature on this device that makes almost any Android device compatible with Stadia.

It does not work with all devices, but it is an interesting development considering that it was only available for a few exclusive mobiles.

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