Google already allows us to hide reminder ads

Ads Settings

From now on, all those ads for those products in which we may initially be interested but that at some point we stop being, but despite this they continue to appear continuously, we can finally make them stop appearing from all those applications and sites websites that use the Google advertising network.

And is that Google has just added a new control in Ad Settings, its unified space where we can configure our advertising preferences, in which we can already hide the so-called reminder ads, which are those that appear to us based on our navigation of specific products in applications and websites and that continue to appear over time , even if we are no longer interested in them.

But we can not only remove reminder ads only from Ad Settings, as we can also hide them directly in the applications and websites that use the Google ad network. From Google, they point out that they will bring this new control to YouTube, searches and GMail over the next few months.

On the other hand, the option Hide this Ad It also continues to evolve with some improvements. In this sense, if we block the appearance of an ad that we no longer want to see, from now on it will be blocked on any device linked to our Google account, not only on the device where we block it, as it has been happening until now. And also this option will expand to more applications and websites associated with Google to show ads.

Basically, what Google intends is that the ads we receive are useful and do not harm us in our experience when browsing associated applications and websites. And they will not stop working on it.

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