Google and Coursera launch new educational programs with certificates

Google is launching new certified educational programs on Coursera.

These careers are designed for users seeking to guide their training in data analysis, project management, and UX. They do not require degrees or previous experience and promises to prepare students in a period of approximately 6 months.

New Google Certified Programs

These educational programs offered by Google and Coursera are taught entirely online. And while they follow a study plan, students will be able to follow the videos and content at their own pace, just like the courses we shared for March.

The idea of ​​each program is to teach students skills that are in demand within these sectors so that they have a quick job exit:

In addition to the video classes, the instructors include supplementary material, as well as assignments and exercises to put the acquired knowledge into practice in real cases. And on the other hand, students will be able to use the forums to express their doubts or ask for the opinion of the rest of the users.

And there are also a number of resources available to help students boost their CVs and prepare for job interviews. The programs are not free, users will have to choose some of the payment methods offered by Coursera.

But if you are not interested in obtaining the certificate, and you want to follow them for free, you can choose to take the courses that make up each program individually as a listener. To do this, you will have to choose Audit the course that allows you to access the classes and course content, but you will not be able to deliver the assignments or request the certificate.

Another option if you are interested in taking some of the programs offered by Google, but cannot make that investment, is to apply for the financial aid offered by Coursera.

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