Google and Microsoft work together to improve business email on Android

Many Android users use Microsoft Exchange for email management in their company, and there were several apps that used device management capabilities to enforce the necessary security requirements on mobile phones, both for personal use and for business use.

The apps used APIs that Google began shutting down in Android 9 Pie, and they knew IT control over core security features, such as device password requirements and remote data wipe. Although it was flexible, it was complex, the system had to change.

Now from Google they indicate that they have worked closely with Microsoft to create a new set of APIs that provide email developers with tools to protect their applications and user privacy.

This is a new way to provide security when using Microsoft Exchange, offering the option of requiring a user to follow a specific level of password complexity (options are high, medium, or low) to use their Exchange email application. . If they don’t follow established guidelines, they won’t be able to sync and access their corporate email.

In this way, the IT department can restrict or eliminate access to the device, without eliminating personal information, such as photos or downloads.

The idea is always to protect the security of corporate emails: if an employee does not meet the requirements established by the IT department, they will not be able to access the corporate network, but the user will still have access to their personal data.

This change will be backward compatible with Google Mobile Services, so email application developers can easily migrate.

Gmail will show this new functionality at the end of this month, and the rest of developers will be able to upload their new versions to comply with these new rules.

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