Google Assistant Driving Mode begins to expand internationally

It was during the Google I / O 2019 celebration when Driving Mode was presented as one of the main novelties for the Google Assistant, with which it is intended that drivers have everything they need, from guides to go to a destination. concrete to the sending of messages, among other possibilities, avoiding all kinds of distractions when they are behind the wheel of their vehicles.

But over time, this feature has had little to do to date. In this sense, its arrival finally took place at the end of last year but only for users in the United States who have their mobile devices configured in English.

It expands after a long delay in arriving

Now, as reported in Android Police, Google is deploying the Google Assistant Driving Mode to international markets, finally jumping outside the US borders, where it arrived exclusively months ago.

For this, they are based on the modification of the official support page, where it has gone from indicating its availability for users in the United States to its availability for users in other countries, without specifying exactly the list of countries.

This is compounded by the fact that some functions may not be available in other languages ​​or countries, according to the aforementioned support page, which gives even more clues about their global deployment.

To check if the Driving Mode is in our country, we just have to go to the Assistant configuration options within the Maps application, for which we should see the Driving Mode if it is already available (I personally have not found it).

The Driving Mode could serve as a substitute for the use of Android Auto, assuming that it was activated automatically when the mobile device itself was connected to the vehicle via bluetooth.

It would be interesting for Google to advance further in this regard on the deployment of the Driving Mode, taking into account how long it has taken to start appearing to the first users, seeking to be a solution that in practice is to bring the Google Assistant to the specific needs of users. those who are driving their own vehicles to help with whatever they need along the way, as we have already mentioned.

In any case, we hope that the deployment will not be long delayed, and if possible, coverage also to other means of transport in the future, taking into account the changes in the adoption of other means of transport as a consequence of the pandemic.

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