Google Assistant tests a notification type for routine actions of the day

Google is working on a new feature for its Assistant, in smart speakers and displays, by which it will notify users when it is time for each routine action of the day, ideal for those who, as they say, will go away. the saint to heaven or lose track of time.

There are people who are not able to control their time and may find themselves in situations in which they have not carried out some actions in due time due to various circumstances, where in fact, due to confinement, there may have been people who, due to this, have not they knew well the day of the week they were in, for example.

Helping to better organize your own time

This new function is named after Family bell and at the moment it is in the testing phase for a small group of users. Users who already have access to this function have been initially taken to a screen where they can configure the notifications, called bells, for the different routine actions.

In principle, Google offers you the bell settings for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, sleep, nap, reading, rest, math, study, yoga, classes, fresh air and music.

Users will be able to add other bells, according to their needs, including bells to take the dog out, throw out the garbage, or take the corresponding pill, among others, where in any case, the time at which they are to be set for each of them will be set. be shown or sounded, and the days of the week in which they have to work, and even the speaker or screen where it has to appear.

As they point out in Android Police, in no case can it be configured so that the hoods make an appearance in a group of smart speakers / displays. At the end of the configuration, users will have a list of bells, which they can activate and deactivate as needed.

For now, we can only wait for this new feature to improve before reaching all users of smart speakers and displays with the integrated Google Assistant. The closest thing to this feature is the reminders feature, although it’s obviously not on the same level as the new feature now in testing.

Image Credit: Android Police

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