Google Assistant Voice Match is on its way to Android TV

The Voice Match functionality of the Google Assistant, which recognizes the voice of the person setting the commands on a shared smart device, and therefore, link these commands to your own personal Google account to offer a personalized experience, it is on the way to devices under Android TV.

The strangest thing is that Google has taken a few years to offer this possibility, considering that in recent years, Google Assistant is already integrated as standard in devices under Android TV, where in fact, in the remote controls of these devices there is a special button to interact with the Google Assistant, and that for now, the commands are linked to the account of the person who has logged in.

To this we must add that Smart TVs are one of the connected devices that can most be shared between different members of a family, so it is a logical step that a person’s voice can be recognized and immediately afterwards they can access their preferences and accounts on the same connected device, further facilitating the experience they receive on that device.

At the moment there is no official information in this regard, except for the already known Google’s intention to expand the Voice Match function among all smart devices. It is known of its arrival on Android TV thanks to the fact that the 9to5Google team has found evidence in the code of the last update of the Google Search engine for this operating system, which arrived last night on the Play Store.

In addition, there was also evidence in a previous version for Android TV, released last month but that, due to problems, Google withdrew soon after.

For now, the moment when Voice Match will officially arrive on Android TV is unknown, but if we start to speculate, we could say that it could arrive in time for the launch of what is expected to be the successor to the Chromecast Ultra, which sounds quite logical. , except that we do not know when this device will arrive.

In the absence of official confirmations, it only remains to wait for Google to pronounce on the matter, with all the data that it can offer in due course.

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