Google Assistant will make it easy to order food online

The Google Assistant wants to simplify the online food ordering process, taking on the most tedious work of the entire process: filling in the contact and payment forms automatically for each order.

This is precisely what is beginning to be carried out in the United States, as The Verge has learned, although at the moment, this feature, promoted by Google Duplex, is released with a series of limitations, which will be solved along the way. weather.

Avoid the most tedious process for users

For now, support online orders made from the Google application on Android phones and in partner restaurants, whose orders are to be picked up at the premises, although later it will also support home delivery orders.

In addition, between now and the end of the year, Google hopes to expand the number of partner restaurants, allowing users to have a greater diversity of restaurants to choose from.

The idea is that once the desired food has been selected from the chosen restaurant, the Google Assistant is invoked so that is dedicated to completing the contact and payment form with the information available in the Google account itself, both in the auto-completion function of Chrome and in Google Pay.

This will prevent users from wasting valuable minutes each time they order food online, the Google Assistant automatically taking charge of providing all the necessary information.

In Google’s vision, with the expansion of Google Duplex to other business areas, the use of voice has become less necessary when making reservations and appointments over the phone.

Two more novelties in sight

But in addition to this feature, Google is also working so that the Google Assistant has the short-term possibility of create routines linked to sunrise and sunset, which will come into operation automatically, in addition to also help in locating Apple devices, even going as far as to make iPhone and iPad devices ring even if they have Do Not Disturb mode activated.

We do not know if from Cupertino they have something to say about it, considering that in a few days they will celebrate a new presentation event, there are rumors about new iPhones, and even iMacs.

We also do not know if Google intends to bring the new capabilities of the Google Assistant to international markets, given that there has also been an increase in online orders as a result of lockdowns and mobility restrictions.

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