Google Brings Meet to Gmail for Android and iOS and Brings Group Calls to Duo on the Web

There is no doubt that 2020 is being the year of video calls, one of the most used services during the confinement period, both to maintain contact with family and friends, and to hold professional meetings from a distance, among other possibilities. .

And with the rise of video calling, Zoom has gone from being a complete stranger to being quite a popular option for the general public, a situation that has not gone unnoticed by the major technology companies.

In this sense, Google continues to move tab so that both Meet and Duo continue to be the preferred options of end users. The next step that the company is taking is the integration of Meet into the Gmail mobile application for Android and iOS, and the arrival of group calls to Duo on the web, allowing a maximum of 32 participants.

Meet integration in Gmail for Android and iOS

As we already know, Google launched a free version of Meet for end users last April and later integrated its service into the web version of Gmail. As we have just pointed out, the next step for Meet is the integration of its service within the Gmail mobile application for Android and iOS, an integration that will arrive activated by default over the next few weeks.

According to the company, the integration will come in the form of a new tab, which will be prominent and located at the bottom of the main Gmail interface.

Through it, users can see the next scheduled meetings in Google Calendar, being able to access each of them with a simple click. We can also create a new meeting on the spot or schedule a new meeting in Google Calendar. Likewise, we can also join the meetings to which we have been invited, providing the corresponding code.

Those users who do not wish to have the Meet tab active have the possibility of deactivating it through the configuration options.

Group calls with up to 32 participants with Duo on the web

And with regard to the arrival of group calls in the web version of Duo, as promised at the time, according to Sanaz Ahari, this new function, compatible with the latest version of Chrome, will allow up to 32 participants at most.

Duo group calls on the web offer an interface in the form of a mosaic, with a black background, offering the image of each user in its corresponding window, which will have rounded corners.

In order to create a group call, you must access the service with your own Google account, press the Create group button, located below the Start a call button, and start adding participants.

Technically, as explained by the person in charge on her Twitter profile, Google takes advantage of the use of the new WebRTC API.

In addition, the web version of Duo is now a Progressive Web Application for desktop platforms, and can be installed as a Progressive Web Application through the Chrome address bar.

Image credit: Google

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