Google buys Songza to offer us the best music for each moment

Google buys Songza to offer us the best music for each moment

Although it may seem that Google already has everything necessary to compete in the music streaming market, its managers do not think the same. This is the only way to understand the purchase of Songza, an online music service whose main functionality is to create smart playlists, depending on factors such as the activity we are doing at the moment or our state of mind. It is an interesting functionality, so much so that Google itself has decided to remove the portfolio with a sum to be determined (15 million dollars according to sources in the New York Post).

Custom music

Songza started out as a web app in 2010, but soon became a mobile app that has attracted 5.5 million users, a good number, but Google clearly hasn’t bought it to get them. Instead of that The company will integrate smart playlists into its Google Play Music streaming service., and YouTube may also benefit from the deal for its future music service.

On the other hand, this purchase is strange considering that Songza does not have any revolutionary technology to choose the songs that fit an activity or mood, but are chosen by real people. Perhaps Google wants to combine the automation that characterizes many of its products with this more traditional method in order to offer the best of both worlds in future updates of its services.

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