Google Chrome 90 will allow you to create links to specific texts on a web page

Until now when we put a link on social networks, in emails or on other web pages, what we do is link to a specific web page, we cannot link to a piece of text on that page, unless the creator of it have enabled shortcuts to do so.

The thing is, Chrome 90 will enable a function that will allow it to do so.

An upcoming feature in Chrome 90 will allow users to link to a section of a website that they have highlighted. We saw it last year as a browser extension called Link to Text Snippet, and now we will have it as a function within Chrome.

The new feature is still rolling out for users. Kayce Hawkins, product manager at Google, puts it this way:

Visit a web page, highlight the text you want to link to, right-click and select copy link to highlight. A URL ending in a pound sign (#) is generated, which you can then share with others. When they open the link, they will be sent to the specific highlighted section instead of the top of the page.

This can be extremely interesting when making mentions within academic papers, linking to the paragraph that comments on what we are discussing in our text.

Google said that the copy link to highlight feature is now available on desktop and Android devices for some users, and that later, without specifying the date, it will come to iOS.

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