Google Chrome tests a function that manages to gain up to almost two more hours of battery life

Despite recently exceeding the 70% share in the web browser segment, according to NetMarketShare data, Google Chrome is also the web browser that consumes the most resources of the computers when you have multiple tabs open simultaneously, which means that, in the case of laptops, autonomy is considerably reduced regarding the use of other web browsers.

But Google wants to remove the stigma of the great devourer of resources, for which currently you are testing a new experimental feature in Chrome 86, available on the Canary channel, which will allow laptops to have almost two more hours of autonomy, depending on the results they are obtaining in the tests.

To do this, Google is integrating a JavaScript activity limiter for websites that are in the background, as the publication TheWindowsClub has learned, in which the function limit the execution of the javascript activity at one per minute for such websites, also avoiding the execution of unnecessary javascript tasks for websites in the background.

The main test consisted of opening 36 tabs in the background while keeping a blank page open in the foreground, keeping the power saving and automatic brightness settings deactivated, carrying out a first part of the test with the new experimental function activated. as a second part with the function disabled, noting that the autonomy of a notebook computer reached gain almost two more hours with the experimental function activated.

Google also ran a similar test but instead of having a blank page in the foreground, it had its page in the foreground a YouTube video playing in full screen, achieving a minor increase in autonomy.

According to the aforementioned publication, heChrome Enterprise users could stop using this feature if they wanted to, at least during the first year since the experimental function finally arrives as stable.

In any case, the new function is likely to reach Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Chrome OS systems, so in addition to laptops, the increase in autonomy can also be noticed on Android devices running Chrome. .

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