Google Chrome tests a new option to manage passwords

Google may be thinking of implementing a new dynamic that makes it easier for users to manage their passwords from the web browser.

Last year, Google announced a series of new features aimed at protecting passwords stored in Chrome. And now it seems to focus its attention on a detail that makes it easy to manage passwords with a simple click.

As mentioned in 9to5Google, the Google team is working on an option that allows you to edit passwords directly from Chrome. A piece of information that emerges from the shared code about upcoming updates in its web version, although it still does not appear in any beta version. It is also not part of the experimental functions that are usually enabled from Chrome: // flags.

So far, Google Chrome only automatically saves the passwords of our logins, but does not allow us to edit them. If we wish, we can take a look at all the saved passwords from the browser configuration, and even delete them. But we cannot make changes manually.

If we want to manage the saved passwords, Google Chrome will direct us to our Google account to change or delete them. This dynamic could change if the Google web browser offers the option to edit the passwords to modify or change them, without having to delete all the information.

Of course, this dynamic must also include some type of protection or security measure so that it is not available to anyone who takes our equipment and accesses the browser. At the moment, we only know that it is in Google’s plans, so we will have to wait to see its operation in some of the beta versions of the web browser.

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